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Shanghai Herrajes Industry Co., Ltd Is a Iso Certificated Company That Specializes In The Manufacture And Export Of Galvanized Pole Line Hardware For Electrical Transmission Lines That Comply With The Norms And Standards Required. We Have The Most Sophisticated And Modern Technology In The Field Of Electrical Products, Also Have Qualified Professionals Offering Benefits To Customers, Quality And Super Competitive Prices In The Market.


Our Goal Is To Establish A Mutually Beneficial Relationship With Our Customers, And Our Products Offering Contain A Full Service To Ensure The Complete Satisfaction To The Parties Concerned, Regarding The Desired Supply, Quotation, And Delivery.


Total Quality And Superior Services And Products Offered By Shanghai Herrajes Become Decisive Factors To Our Success.
So Far, In Our Plant Of 4000m2, We Have A Stable Team Of 50 Staff, With 13 Grand Machines. We Expect A Stable Growth Day By Day.



We Manufacture Electrical Pole Line Hardware Galvanized With High Quality In Order To Meet The Specific Needs Of Our Customers While Maintaining A Leadership Strategy That Will Guarantee Profitability To The Company And Benefits To Customers, Partners, Employees, Community.



Shanghai Herrajes Will Be A Leading Company Worldwide For Various Electrical Equipment Used In Power Transmission Lines. Talent Workers Will Bring More And Stable Customers.










Quality Politics:

To Meet Product Requirements Required By Customers, Ensuring The Delivery Time At Competitive Prices.

To Provide Effective Solutions And Appropriate Advice To Customers. 

To Let Customers Believe That We Are A Reliable And Trustworthy Company With Value Through Qualified Consultants And Service.


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