On the encoder lines and overloaded lines shielded wire bund

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

In production, in addition to other than conventional cars, and most of the crane hoisting mechanism of stator voltage regulator voltage variable speed, will use this encoder and encoder line feedback motor speed device pressure transmission needs. Encoder and overload is screened cables, easy to break, the replacement frequency is relatively higher, and fine-not easy to externally and used to put them inside the small pulleys, causing bad encoder line, replacing that are difficult, time-consuming work, affect the production schedule.


1 Encoder lines and overloaded lines, shield the thin lines separate bundles, bundles outside of the small pulleys, not clamping plate. Aims to replace, good removal, no longer have to open the small pulley plate, save time and effort.

2 between each of the two small pulleys, place these lines long, slightly longer than the thick cable lines, to try not to let their stress and prevent breaking shield wire.

3 at the time of binding, as far as possible near the small pulleys, combine them with thick cables bundled together, tying each interval 2-3.


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