Towing cable traction rope clamp and rope end wear problems

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

During production, often encounter the traction wire rope clips worn due to low cable. Yiqian we used of is points section playing traction rope, each two a small pulley Zhijian playing a root wire rope, this on caused has each two a small pulley Zhijian has two a rope end and two a rope clip, in drag cable constantly run Shi, wire rope end will mill broken cable line, rope clip will cut cable, and appeared cable line pressure down concave pit, cable skin is intact, this to we found fault brings has many inconvenience.


1 traction rope for the give-way by all small wire rope pulley together, on each side of each pulley rope clamp, respectively, rope clamp as close as possible to the small pulley, so that even when the smaller pulley together, rope cable clamp will not contact without cable cut and torn.

2 in the series when the wire rope, the car to the limit position, the towline stretched to the maximum length required, according to the wire rope traction series, each remaining appropriate length between two small pulleys, ensure the cable runs, wire rope traction force. Aims to exclude the rope end frayed cables severed cables and rope clamp so low.

3 traction rope ends with electrical tape wrapped to prevent frayed cables.

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