Screws continue to develop future trends in the industry an

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

With the advancement of the process of revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry in China, accelerating industrial upgrading speed, increasing demand for fasteners, which makes fasteners used in the special steel demand increase. Fasteners push yongnian screws in accelerated promotion.

According to rough statistics, both at home and abroad, there are about more than 40,000 varieties of specifications, millions of various forms of fasteners, mainly used in the automotive industry, machinery manufacturing, electronics, construction and maintenance, and so on. Among them, the automotive industry is the largest user, its demand about yongnian screws sold 23.2%, followed by the industrial maintenance market and construction, whose demand accounted for total sales of fasteners 20%; the third was the electronics industry, the demand for 16.6% per cent of total sales of fasteners. Industry estimates, 2013 and the "Twelve-Five" period, the fasteners with steel market is potentially very large. By 2013, China's fastener production and sales of 7.2 million tons of ~750 million tonnes by 2015, China's fastener industry market will reach 200 billion yuan. Thus, fasteners used in the production of special steel demand will continue rising.


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