Analysis on the double head bolts of developments and prospe

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Professional in the first place, Stud large amount of products, wide, most suitable for specialized production and socialized coordination development. Mass production of products through specialization, can achieve stronger doing fine, raw materials consumption and improve the efficiency of, and more specifically, market wide. Insiders speculated that until 2020 or so, has a large number of specialized fastener based on SMEs, will create a benefit, innovation and outstanding performance and growing fast, powerful Chinese enterprises, which have been outstanding among the world's top 500.

Second cluster of, currently double head bolt enterprise has appeared coastal developed area to mainland transfer, by cost high to cost low of area cluster transfer of trend, as Ningbo area tight firmware enterprise to xingtai steel company around transfer: Wenzhou tight firmware Enterprise common investment Jiangxi years rise Standard Industrial Park,, such both reduced has construction cost, and logistics transport cost, and can solution power shortage problem.

Is the Group again, Stud enterprises such as vehicle manufacturers to establish a reputation, technology and capital as the link is the future direction for the development of the strategic partnership. Based on the mode in which global operations and develop new products matured, motor fastening primary supplier has become the backbone of the auto industry, their contributions are often accounted for 10%~15% of vehicle value, or even higher. Vehicle inventory, on-time production requires integrated supply, integrated support for logistics demand higher.

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