Factors for the tower crane parts wholesale

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

1, crane accessories product quality

Crane accessories belongs to special equipment, national on it of manufacturing and using has quite strictly of requirements, this to to production site to study, see about he of production process, is meet requirements, can is divided into three part to study 1. welding quality 2. supporting institutions quality 3. raw materials material, for above three points can focuses on study supporting institutions quality, as up rose institutions, and Rotary institutions, and variable site institutions, and electrical system,, Welding and now with the higher authorities to strengthen the management of raw materials increase essentially put an end to the phenomenon of substandard, manufacturers now have taken up the idea of supporting institutions, because the less clear for users, nor is it involved in quality and safety issues. The problem is difficult, because some of the expertise lay people do not understand, when purchasing the best take on the tower crane is more people can not Burn one's fingers, had some users QTZ40 bought QTZ315 back, or you can find a professional HR consulting

2, crane accessories wholesale company qualification

Now of qualification main is national or this province technology supervision Council issued of manufacturing license and the installation maintenance transformation maintenance license, this province issued of record proved, in audit these qualification of when must to carefully see production range, has individual enterprise may exists Super range production, this situation is national legal regulations by not allows of, if procurement has this equipment, future is not allows using of.


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