How steel railing fittings and railings

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Combined there are many kinds of steel fence, used various fence accessories style, making it stand out in all types of fence products, deeply user high praise and recognition. With the need of continuous development and installation of fence products, zinc combinations of steel fence is also changing, Minghui fence parts factory in the style of fence accessories and use the function above is also changing, in particular steel fence railing is particularly diverse, used dozens of fence accessories, users have developed different styles of fencing products.

Steel fence railing combinations, according to the research, development and installation, you can choose a suit and matching railing accessories, fence fittings for use as follows:

1. the cross bar and post connectors can be used: u-shaped connectors on both sides, three u-joints, two u-plug connector

2. small connection you can use the vertical bar with horizontal bar: hard plastic waterproof pads, plastic waterproof pass-through, self-locking plastic changing pad, anti-theft card spring spring, spring, plastic cards,

3. small vertical bar sing along, you can use: plastic spear tip, anti climb seedlings, cast aluminum gun tips, plastic sealing lids, plastic buckle decoration flowers, plastic buckle trim ring

4. column and ground connection can using: zinc steel column floor, and zinc steel two hole several frame, and zinc steel column decorative cover, and zinc steel two half on buckle decorative cover, and plastic two half on buckle decorative cover, column catchy can using zinc steel column ball cap, and zinc steel column pagoda cover, these accessories of specifications has square and rectangular, each guardrail accessories using of method are has different of effect, will completely change has wall railing installation speed and beautiful, and firm phase combined problem.

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