Tower crane parts management

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

In order to ensure the timely maintenance of tower crane, many units tend to prepare a lot of tower crane for construction accessories, tower accessories daily management to save costs, the use of safety is particularly important.

At present, the tower crane design and manufacture have been mostly modular, portfolio development, the so-called combined, is the tower structure as the core, according to the structure and functional characteristics of decomposition into several parts of the Tower, and according to series and General requirements, follow the principle of modular system parts are divided into several modules. According to the parameters, choose appropriate modules respectively have different performance characteristics of tower crane in order to meet the specific needs of the construction. Promotion of modular tower crane can help speed up the tower crane product development schedule, product development cost savings, and better customer service. This way, it brings convenience and for tower crane parts management on both sides of the particulars. Convenience is a modular design so that some parts can be used in different models, specifications of the Tower between GM, particularity is that part of the special accessories to keep to themselves.

In addition, when the tower crane parts needs to be replaced, disassembly and Assembly work is also particularly important because disassembly improper installation quality and accidents caused by unqualified accounts for a large proportion. Disassembly of tower crane Assembly and disassembly must be qualified in the operations, but within the qualification engaged in installation and removal. Disassembly and Assembly staff to specialized operational training, has some experience in disassembling and certified, as well as to complete various types of personnel, post clear, carry out their duties, listen to the unified command.


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