Power automation market analysis

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Industry demand

Only pay attention to the construction of power plants for a long time, ignore the construction of transmission and distribution networks, making transmission and distribution network in China is seriously behind, and overwhelmed. In 1998, the Central Government launched efforts to expand domestic demand and stimulate economic growth to upgrade rural power grids, urban power grids and electrified railway transformation plans, the three networks "programme. Under this plan, the urban and rural power grids will be 350 billion yuan of total investment, plan 3-5 years, urban power grids involved in 280 cities network, rural power grids involving 2,400 County grid. Also planned for a period of 5 years with a total investment of 250 billion yuan railway electrification project, through renovation and new special power for railway electrification. Power equipment including once equipment and two times equipment, once equipment due to technology content lower, domestic production enterprise more, especially in the low voltage once equipment production enterprise including township enterprises zainei, national tens of thousands of, production capacity serious excess, competition exception fierce; II times equipment production technology requirements high, industry not easy into, domestic production two times equipment of enterprise numbered, production business environment more loose, two times equipment production enterprise faced more big of development opportunities.

National investment in expanding domestic demand before the urban and rural power grids, power and electrified railway power grid construction investment about 40.045 trillion yuan, namely equipment for transmission and distribution enterprises of the domestic market size of about 400 to about 45 billion a year, "three networks" programme implementation, these enormous market space. Aside of electrified railway transformation market space, only 350 billion within the next three years of urban power network reconstruction, agricultural network transformation, you can make the enterprise product market capacity grew at an average annual rate of more than 50%.

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