Main features of power automation industry

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

1. faster demand growth

II times equipment of market needs equivalent to whole grid construction input of 10% around, yiqian annual of market needs for 4 billion yuan around, urban and rural grid transformation and railway electrified construction, in 5 years within will in original based Shang increased 50.06 trillion yuan of needs, average annual increased 10 billion yuan around, but two times equipment of input than once equipment to late some, this needs of growth is not average distribution in each one years, but yearly increased of. Estimated secondary equipment market will be in the next 5 years with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%.

2. focus on strategy

Focused strategy is a competitive industry, through market segmentation, find a suitable one or two children in the development of the market for their target market, and focus all our resources to break. Focused strategy aims to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, and gradually develop the scale operation of the product.

Power automation industry-several major manufacturers most of focused strategies, the main market segments, rather than all-out attack. In Dongfang electronics, for example, in 2000 the company bidding more than 50% electric power dispatching automation products, distribution automation products in domestic market share reached 60%.

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