Heat-shrinkable cable accessories

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Heat-shrinkable cable accessories commonly known as heat shrink cable head, widely used below and 35KV voltage xlpe cables, or oil-immersed cable connections and terminals in the middle. Compared with traditional cable with small size, light weight, reliable, easy to install. Products conform to GB11033 standards, long-term operating temperature range of-55 ¡æ ~105 ¡æ, aging life for more than 20 years, radial shrinkage rate ≥ 50%, longitudinal Shrinkage < 5%, shrinkage temperature of 110 ° c ~140 c.

Stress management is a moderate volume resistivity (1010-1012 ω · cm), large dielectric constant (20--25) special electrical parameters of heat-shrinkable tubing, electrical parameter to force the cable insulation screen along the stress fracture stress of evacuation pipe more evenly distributed. This technique can only be used in the annex below and 35kV cable. Because of the high voltage stress pipe heating not working.


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