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Cable Fixture

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Fixture cable made up of swirl-proof fixtures, fixation products.

A, and anti-Eddy fixture model specifications: FJ-01~05, applies Yu 6~1000mm2 single core type of branch cable installation fixed, and FJ-11~14 applies Yu 6~240mm2 more core type or twist twisted type of branch cable installation fixed, used high strength epoxy resin molded forming, has anti-Eddy, and flame retardant, and not sucking water, and strength high, and varieties complete, and installation convenient, advantages, with fixed bracket supporting using or separate installation in Bridge frame in the.

Second, fixation types and specifications: ZJ-01~05, applies to the single-core cable 6~1000mm2 installation, ZJ-11~14 suitable for 6~240mm2-core or twisting branch cable installation, made of cold rolled steel plate turning, welding, galvanized or spray treatment, with easy installation, complete variety, appearance and so on, fixation, and supporting the use of Eddy current clamp.

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