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Shift On Cable Issues

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

In production, the streamer and banding is not in place and the small pulley on the cable is not pressed, in cable runs, of varying thickness cables due to uneven stress, which makes bundling loose cables often displacement. So that part of the cable forces too large, severe broken cables. Cause cables broken skin, copper wire, bare, electric shock and short circuit earthing equipment accidents may occur.


1 plate bolts for fastening small pulleys on a regular basis to ensure bolts can't loose. For thin cable can be populated with insulating rubber, as far as possible so that all cables are pressed tight.

After 2 cable to adjust the alignment and leveling, then fastened.

3 when using the cable bundles, all cables are divided into a number of units, using cross-banding, which can make cable stress as much as possible, not easy to move.

4 under each tied up to 2-3 between two small pulleys, as far as tied close to the small pulleys.

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