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Special Area Crane Rope Protection

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Special crane cable protection in the region, we need to take some special measures. Such as electric furnace steelmaking plant crane across the region, feeding and against the metal car, such as the second steel mill 13#,14#,15#,16# crane, due to regular feeding and processing of iron in the furnace operation, flame in the furnace and dust often rushed to the car, crane cable often Flame Grill, easy to get older. Therefore, the towing of these cranes need to take some special measures of protection.


1 drag the cables all external used asbestos cloth wrapped to prevent flame burned out cables.

2 due to the added layer of stone cloth, tied with cable is hard to seed, we have made a number plate, press again solid on the outside, preventing cable runs, asbestos cloth falling down and drag-and-cable shift.

3 Encoder line shield wire wrapped with asbestos alone, or to a separate binding, replace, good removal.

4 dust on the towline to regularly clean up the rail to prevent plugging small pulleys, wheels wear, resulting in running smooth. Small pulleys lubricated the wheels on a regular basis.

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