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Clamp Type Fittings

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Suspension clamps: used to wire fixed in straight pole suspension insulator string on, or flying overhead ground wire in straight pole of overhead ground wire on the bracket.

Clamps: is used to wire or overhead ground wire fixed on the strain insulator strings, played anchor role. Tension clamp has three major categories, namely: bolt type tension clamps; compression-resistant clamps; wedge-clamps.

Bolt type tension clamps: through u-shape screw vertical pressure clamp and frictional effects arising from the wavy line to secure the wire.

Compression clamp resistance: it is made up of aluminium tubes and steel anchor. Steel to continue anchoring steel-cored aluminium strand and steel, and aluminium pipe body, metal plastic deformation stress to, so that the clamp and wire-bond as a whole, when hydraulic, apply the appropriate specification of the steel die compressed in a hydraulic press. Burst pressure, can be a blast pressure or secondary explosive pressure, clamps and wire (OPGW) into a whole.

Wedge clamps: used to install steel strands, fastened overhead ground wire and cable Tower cable. Using wedge splitting force, steel wire lock online folder.

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