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Connection Fittings And Connection Fittings Class

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

Fittings categories: connection fittings are used to insulator strings and between the towers, between clamps and insulators, overhead ground wire connectors between the towers and connecting fittings. Common connection Gold: ball hanging rings, bowls of head plate, u-shaped loop, rectangular hanging panels.

Connecting fittings categories: used for the connection of the wires and overhead ground wire connection, tension pole jumper connection. Stereotypes place of gold: pressure clamp connection fittings, hydraulic connecting fittings, bolts connecting fittings, detonation pressure connection fitting.

Electric power fitting manufacturers for everybody finishing on the use of transmission line fittings, in short transmission line fittings, can be classified by their properties and uses: clamp type, connection fitting type, connection fittings, protective, cable fittings fittings class class.

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