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Overhead Transmission Line Insulator, Insulation Inspection

Edit:admin     Date:09-11-2017

A) with porcelain insulator crossarm is dirty, cracked, broken ceramic, bursting of toughened glass insulators, insulated iron CAP and fittings corrosion, steel feet;

B) umbrella of composite insulator cracked, burned, Jin Ju, grading rings for distortion, distortion, corrosion and other unusual circumstances;

C) insulators and insulation flashover crossarm marks and traces of partial discharge;

D) insulator, insulator crossarm deviation;

E) insulator crossarm tie wire loose, broken, burned;

F) Gold with rust, deformation, wear, cracks, PIN and spring pin defects or extrusion, special attention to check gold with regular activities, rotating parts and fitting of insulator string hanging points;

G) insulator Groove, steel legs, locking pins do not match locking pin out and so on.

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